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Hi people,

This website is a content-aggregator, in web speak it's a "planet." If you give me the address to a feed from your blog, your blog's content will be displayed here. Alternatively, you can tell me where your blog is, and I'll try to find the feed. I can also display a profile pic next to your post if you provide it.

To get listed on this planet. you need to give me your
Feed URL: (or if you can't find that, your blog URL)
Avatar (attached in email, optional)

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About using this planet with Blogger:
If you upload your images to Blogger, they WILL NOT appear in this planet, since Blogger blocks outside sites from embedding their pictures. If you want your images to appear, I recommend linking your pics from your UW Dante account instead of hosting them on Blogger.

Here's an example of the Blogger problem. If the lower logo is still visible, press refresh and it should disappear.

Image linked from the internet:

Image uploaded on Blogger: