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I've moved to kevinchiu.org

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I'm trying out Wordpress. You can check out the WP version of this blog at kevinchiu.org/blog.

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I'm trying out Safari right now. The only things I miss from Firefox are Adblock and Del.icio.us.

Another thing that bothers me is that I haven't figured out a good shortcut to go to the search box. Safari uses Command-Option-F, an 3-key, 1-handed chord. In Firefox it was simply Command-K. For now, I'm using Command-L to go to the Address Bar and then Tab to go to the search box.

Ok, now I'm missing being able to search for and click on links using foreward-slash search.

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I won a game of Mahjong last night after some kind person taught me how to play. It was luck - I started with a nearly complete hand and kept on drawing the exact pieces I needed.

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I got pretty far on installing the toolchain, but then it botched up some of my programming homework.

I'm moving my coursework to a virtual machine.

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Looks bright.

I think they might become a cross-platform platform provider. "Run on Sun, Run Everywhere!"

They've already started with Java 6 supporting user-definable languages.

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Installing LaTeX

The TextMate website lists two ways to install LaTeX. If you have MacPorts installed, then you simply need to run sudo port install tetex. If you don't have MacPorts installed, I would highly suggest installing it, since the alternative officially sanctioned way of getting LaTeX, through i-Installer, is no longer actively maintained.

Installing TextMate

TextMate is one of the most highly regarded editors on the Mac OS X platform. It was popularized by DHH of Ruby on Rails fame and has spawned several copy cats, such as E, a TextMate clone for Windows. You can pick up a copy of TextMate at Macromates. Once you have TextMate installed, enable Cutting-Edge updates by going to TextMate > Preferences > Software Update > Watch For: > Cutting-Edge.

Installing Skim

Skim is the spiritual successor to PDFView. It has many noteworthy features, including, but not limited to note-taking and annotation features, highlighting, and TextMate / pdfsync integration. Once you have Skim installed, activate Skim > Preferences > Sync > Check for file changes. TextMate should already be entered as the default editor.

Configuring the new LaTeX bundle

To configure the new LaTeX bundle in TextMate, go to Bundles > LaTeX > Preferences ... and set your viewer to Skim. Now you should be all set to write LaTeX documents in TextMate!