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1. Friday - went eating with Christophe of Google-reimbursement fame. Awesome ancillary activities followed.

2. Today - presented Infomush at Google. Thanks to team SMHACK, Infomush pulled off a quantum leap in clustering quality just as we passed over Google's door jam. (I also won a game of foosball -- only using my good un-technically-broken arm. Of course I took the opportunity to raise he roof for Infomush.)

BTW, SMHACK is our initials backwards: Kevin Chiu, Andy Hou, Michael Skinner.

Hmmm, Christophe also finally learned what Act 2 of Infomush is, at least the first scene of Act 2. Taj helped prod the revelation on by guessing it was "social." I guess this means we'll just have to implement it faster than planned.