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Every quarter tons of companies, like Amazon, Google, Apple, and Microsoft come to give recruiting talks. During every talk, there's free food and a drawing for some prize. In all of my years in the computer science and engineering department, I've never won.

During today's Google talk, I entered my name into the raffle by filling out a row on an attendee information sheet: name, major, email etc. I also entered Andy's info.

Then the raffle began. There were four prizes, a chair, a lava lamp, a black laptop bag, and a red laptop bag. I really wanted that red laptop bag.

The first winner took the chair.
The second winner took the lava lamp.
The third winner took the black laptop bag.

When it was time to announce the fourth winner, I was desperately trying to mentally communicate my row number to Jing Jing, who was guessing numbers in the range of 1 to 80 or so.

Unfortunately, I had no idea what number I was.

Jing Jing plucked "40" out of thin air, and April Yu read the entry in disbelief.


Andy exclaimed "Whoa, no way!" and someone in the audience asked, "Which Kevin?"

"Kevin Chiu"