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I created this script to install Ruby on Rails on OS X 10.4. It should also work on Ubuntu or other types of Linux as long as you have Bash.

First, have MySQL and gcc installed.

Then, open the Terminal and use this command:

sudo curl http://students.washington.edu/kgc/ror.sh|bash

After a few minutes you should see something like this:
Select which gem to install for your platform
1. mysql 2.7.1 (mswin32)
2. mysql 2.7 (ruby)
3. mysql 2.6 (ruby)
4. mysql 2.5.1 (ruby)
5. Cancel installation

Select the option highest on the list that has (ruby) in the description. In this case it's 2.

Here's what the script installs:
readline 5.2
ruby 1.8.5
rubygems 0.9.0
fastcgi 2.4.0
ruby-fcgi 0.8.7
pcre 6.7
lighttpd 1.4.11
mysql native bindings

If you have any problems, leave a comment and I'll see what I can do.

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The script is an updated version of the process found here.