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This story begins when Steve Wozniak signs my MacBook Pro.

A few days later, Andy suggests that I protect the signature somehow. Heeding his advice, I tape a piece of paper over the signature.

For a while, all is well.

One day, I notice a piece of the signature is beginning to smudge off. Alex suggests that I use some nail polish to perm-ify the autograph. Unfortunately, the elusive liquid is rarer than HP Printer Ink in our lab.

A while later I stumble across this clear shell for MacBook Pros.

Excellent! Except it costs 40 bucks + shipping. These guys must have a monopoly on clear, hardshell MacBook Pro casings.

Fortunately, I remember that Google Checkout offers a $10 discount incentive to purchase through them, so I search Froogle for stores that have partnerships with Google Checkout. However, every store I try mentions nothing of Google Checkout anywhere on the site.

In frustration, I go to Google to search the internet's product listings for the clear case, but I still can't find anything in stock at a reasonable price.

But wait! What does my peripheral vision detect in the ads column that I usually ignore?

There's a store with the Google Checkout logo in the ads! Yes! [Ed. This is the same type of feeling one might experience when discovering life on Mars or finding an animal previously thought to be extinct.] Ads usually annoy me, and I use adblock to block the lot of 'em, but this ad glows with an aura of awesome, since it's... gasp! ...actually useful!

Three simple steps finalize my transaction.

1. Add the case the cart.
2. Click Google Checkout.
3. Type Google Password.