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Figure 1. Apple vs. The Matrix: one of the hardest choices I had to make

This website was astonishingly good at deciphering my personality traits from simple A/B picture preference testing. It did make a few mistakes, but I agreed with the majority of its guesses. It seems the program learns by guessing your traits based on the clicks of previous users. Whenever a trait guess is offered, there is an option to agree or disagree with the trait; so, the program can update its data set.

Here's the output, including wrong guesses:

You're a guy.
You prefer boxers.
Your desk is a mess.
You avoid junk food.
You would say your household income is at the upper class level.
You attended college.
You're fifty or older.
You are not very interested in matters of technology.
You are fairly wealthy.
You're a night person
You often employ logic in your decision-making.
You're someone who has a few close friends.
You're the kind of person who thinks first and acts later.
You are right-handed.
I bet you find it easy to empathize with other people.
You study/work better without music playing in the background.