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I just had a dream about Lisp. I was in a programming class: CSE 144. This course doesn't actually exist, but it would have come right after CSE 143, the second CS course required before you can apply to get into the major.

The bearded prof was talking about scheme. At first, I was dissappointed that I would have to use such a parenthesis-filled language to write the assignment, but the professor looked at me funny, and I suppose I must have said, "Hmm, I've actually been thinking about learning Scheme. How convenient!"

Then he gave us our assignment:

When you get a telephone call, the phone rings. Make new emails ring.

I left the class and spoke to some non-CS friend and he said that ringing emails would be annoying. For some reason, I ran back to the classroom to divulge my newfound worries to the class.

Before I could get back the the lecture room, which looked oddly like Mrs. Benzinger's room at ODLE, I had the thought that woke me up: "I should blog this."