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I just downloaded fink to install the dependencies for a LaTeX editor. The thing has been downloading/compiling for hours...

Well, it's already 10pm and I'm not even 1/3 done with my data structures and algorithms homework. I also haven't had a chance to work on the partner project that's due on March 9th or the assignment from work that's due tomorrow.

I'm losing.

4:01am: Ok, now I'm 1/3 done. The LaTeX editor finished compiling at 1:30 am. I had to install over 200 dependencies. I also got distracted by the UWCSE Google Group.

Oh yeah, today was a win overall. Since I slept yesterday, I could answer the grad-level math questions that Dumas shot out today. He thought we'd be stuck on the first one, so I solved all three =P. Wind walking rocks. (A term I stole from some game to characterize the abuse of transcendentals.)